How Humans Strive to Catch Up to the Call of the Digital World

December 17, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

LinkedIn revealed in an article at the beginning of the year that the most promising and in-demand jobs are related to information technology. A few years ago, these jobs did not even exist. Primarily, these jobs were created due to the advent of the Internet. Examples of the most promising jobs are Engagement Lead, Software Engineering Manager, Customer Success Manager, and Solutions Architect. On the other hand, the most in-demand skills of 2018 include cloud computing, data mining, user interface design, and data presentation among others. Existing IT specialists are recommended or encouraged to level up their skills and step up to being IT managers and professionals, and not just simple IT practitioners. It is evident that technology is indeed here to stay. To be able to run with the big industry players, one must continuously evolve in terms of skills. This article from CIO discusses the changes that digital transformation has brought, as well as the effect of these changes to human resources. – Regina Ongkiko

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